Leadership style is a critical factor for organizations in order to create a sustainable competitive advantage and the issue of problem solving. Hence, managers as leaders' of their organization need to know the exact factors that affect leadership styles. Emotional intelligence (EI) is an important element that affects leadership styles. Obviously, managers who have a transformational leadership style are aware of others' feeling and those who have transactional leadership style have the ability to manage their reactions and emotions.‌‌
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شاید این روزها نیاز است که بیشتر به هوشمندی استراتژیک در توسعه کسب‌و‌کارها پی ببریم ...

فرض کنید در یک جلسه نشسته اید و جمله "همه ما باید تفکر استراتژیک داشته باشیم" را می شنوید.